The TBC has equipment available for loan to dues-paid club members

To check out this gear you must be able to positively answer these four questions¦


Gear for loan

We have 3 complete sets of gear for loan. A complete set consists of a board and a rig (i.e. board, fins, UJ, extension, mast, boom and sail).

A HiFly Motion board suitable for complete beginners + a rig.

Two HiFly Transition boards for more experienced beginners + a rigs.

Additionaly, we own a Starboard Start board suitable for a complete beginner. This board is quite fragile, and we are only using it for supervised, club-organized LTW activities.

When you call up the quartermistress you can discuss what is suitable for you and what is available.

The Quartermistress does not deliver gear. No exceptions!

Contact Quartermistress Quartermaster, for more info.

Detailed gear overview


HiFly Motion. This board is 290cm long, 90cm wide, 219 liters and weights 18.9 kilograms. It has standard Chinook/American mast track, Powerbox fin and a large centerboard. It is an excellent learning platform.

2 330 Hi-Flys. These boards are 10''10" long, 25.6" wide and 192 liters.Both use an 8mm pin base (Fanatic, Bic), and one also has threads to accept an "American" style base with a bolt on the bottom (Chinook, WS Hawaii, etc). It has a medium-size centerboard. These boards are good learning platforms for someone looking to progress.

Starboard Start. This board is 9'' long, 40" wide, 225 liters and has a padded deck. This is a huge board that is a very good learning platform. It is really difficult for one person to carry alone. It comes with a Tangent weed fin, Tuttle base and a Tuttle base center fin. The attachment of a boom bra is a MUST with this board. NOTE: This board is not available for general checkout.


Universal Joints and Extensions

1 twist-on single-bolt Chinook mast base and medium extension (for HiFly Motion)
1 Chinook-compatible mast bases w/ 8 mm pin and medium extension (for HiFly 330)
1 twist-on single-bolt Chinook mast base and medium extension (for HiFly 330)
1 two-bolt Chinook mast base (quick release) and medium extension (for Start)

1 2-piece 30% carbon Neil 430cm
1 2-piece 40% carbon FiberSpar 430cm
1 one-piece fiberglass Mistral 465cm
1 2-piece fiberglass Mistral 465cm



1 Neil Pryde boom for smaller sails
1 Chinook boom for medium sails
1 North boom for medium sails
1 Mistral boom for medium sails



Beginner:Ezzy 3.2

Ezzy 3.5

Ezzy 3.7

Neil Pryde 4.0


Advanced Beginner Gaastra Powerfoil 4.4

Gaastra Powerfoil 5.7


Other: World Sails 7.5

World Sails 7.5

World Sails 6.0

Mistral World Cup 3 cam 6.0

Gaastra Powerfoil 3.9


Stuff we need:

Could use: better 400 and 430 masts.

Could use: easy-to-rig sails size 5.0 - 7.0 with some life left

Don''t Need: old/heavy/broken sails, masts, booms, booties, wetsuits, harnesses, or anything you would otherwise throw away :-)

The club would like to trade the two World 7.5 sails from the mid-90''s for a 400cm or 430cm mast, or smaller sails in the 5.0-6.0 size range.