We provide free beginner lessons to TBC members.; We also have beginner gear that club members can borrow for free. When you''re first starting out, you need a very wide, stable board. Modern beginner windsurfing boards make learning much easier. As you progress, you''ll soon find that; want to move to a smaller more maneuverable board. But until you reach that point, you can use the club''s gear.

We organize lessons informally when we have students ready to learn - we try to pair up a small number of students with an instructor at a local lake. After your first couple lessons, once you''re comfortable with sailing and putting the gear together, you can check out the club gear on your own.

Our club trips to Hatteras are also a great way to learn. Pamlico Sound is one of the easiest places in the world to learn to windsurf. The wind is much steadier, and the water in most places is shallow enough you can walk back if you get into trouble. Plus there are plenty of club members to offer advice and support. The club organizes week long trips to Hatteras in May and October, and also some weekend trips.

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