If you''re looking for used gear, check out the TBC''s For Sale page on the TBC Windsurfing Forum. You can also check out the Windsurfing Classifieds and iWindsurf''s Classified Page

There are no Windsurfing Shops in the Triangle area, but there are several in Cape Hatteras. Here''s a listing of these "local" shops: Some of these shops give TBC members a 10% discount on new gear (sales items excluded)

Avon Sail House - Avon, NC

Fox Water Sports - Buxton, NC

Hatteras Island Sailing Shop - Waves, NC

Ocean Air - Avon, NC

Ride Hatteras - Avon, NC

Wind-NC - Avon, NC

Here's a list of shops further away, and online shops

Ace Performer
Big Winds - Gorge
Calema (Merrit Island, FL)
The House
Inland Sea Windsurf Co.
Isthmus Sailboards
Island Sports (Newport, RI)
Murrays Marine- The Performance Source
SailWorld (Cape Cod)
Southport Rigging
Surfing Sports
Swiss Swell White Cap Windsurfing
Windance - Gorge
Wind Spirit Direct
Windsurfing Direct